toddler swimming lessons
toddler swimming lessons


Toddler Swimming Lessons

Introducing young children to water is a great way to help them develop an appreciation for swimming and gain water confidence. SG Swim Classes offers toddler swimming lessons for children aged 2 to 4 in Singapore. These lessons are designed to make the learning experience fun and engaging, with various games and activities used to teach important swimming skills. As toddlers have shorter attention spans, the lessons are only 30 minutes long and have no more than four students per class to ensure each child receives personalized attention from qualified instructors.

Parents interested in enrolling their child in toddler swimming lessons can be confident in SG Swim Classes' experienced instructors and small class sizes. The fun and engaging learning experience will not only help build water confidence but also teach water safety skills.


Swimming is a popular activity in Singapore, and it's no surprise that many parents want to ensure that their children are proficient in swimming from a young age. Toddler swimming lessons are an excellent way for young children to learn the basic skills of swimming and become comfortable in the water.

Our Swimming Lessons for Toddlers

Swimming lessons for toddlers usually begin with basic water safety and swim techniques. In parent and child classes, the parent accompanies the child in the water and helps them learn how to hold their breath, blow bubbles, and float on their back. The lessons progress to teaching the child how to kick, stroke their arms, and eventually swim short distances.

Our group classes focuses on social interaction and making learning fun through games and activities. Private lessons offer more individualized attention and can be tailored to a child's specific needs, whether that be overcoming fear of the water or improving swimming techniques.

When choosing swimming lessons for toddlers, it's important to consider the experience and qualifications of the instructors, and the size of the class. The cost of swimming lessons can vary depending on the type of class and the location, but it's important not to compromise on quality price.

Benefits of Toddler Swimming Lessons

Toddler swimming lessons offer many benefits for young children, including:

  1. Water Safety: Swimming lessons teach toddlers how to be safe around water, which is essential in a country like Singapore where there are many swimming pools and beaches. Children learn how to float, tread water, and basic strokes, which can help prevent drowning.

  2. Physical Development: Swimming is a great form of exercise, and it helps toddlers develop their muscles and coordination. It also improves their cardiovascular health and overall fitness.

  3. Confidence Building: Learning to swim can be challenging, but it is also a great confidence builder. Toddlers who learn how to swim at a young age often feel more confident in themselves and their abilities.

  4. Socialization: Group swimming lessons provide an opportunity for toddlers to socialize with their peers, which can help develop their social skills and make new friends.

  5. Parent-Child Bonding: Parent and child swimming classes offer a chance for parents to bond with their child while engaging in a fun activity together.

Tips for Parents with Toddlers

Here are some tips for parents to help make the most of their child's swimming lessons:

  1. Start Early: It's never too early to start swimming lessons. Even infants as young as six months can start taking parent and child classes.

  2. Be Patient: Learning to swim takes time and practice. Be patient with your child and celebrate their progress, no matter how small.

  3. Encourage Practice: Encourage your child to practice their swimming skills outside of lessons. This can be done at home or in a public pool, as long as there is adult supervision.

  4. Choose Appropriate Swimwear & Diapers: Choose appropriate swimwear for your child, such as a swimsuit that fits well and offers sun protection. A swim cap can also help keep their hair out of their face and improve their swimming performance.

  5. Stay Involved: Stay involved in your child's swimming lessons by asking their instructor for updates on their progress and practicing swimming skills with them at home.

Toddler swimming lessons in Singapore are a great way for young children to learn the basic skills of swimming and become comfortable in the water. Swimming offers many benefits for children, including water safety, physical development, confidence building.

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